Heart of Ashtanga Method

14/15 May 2016

with Natasa Cvetkovic

hosted by Yoga for The People Athens Shala


Heart of Ashtanga Yoga Method is to be discovered by yourself on the Mat - understanding, healing, refining, following your inspiration.
We approach together the aspects of own practice, which are a great way to connect within:
•    Creating a stable foundation to explore deeper essence of your practice.
•    Developing internal flow of individual’s energy potent.



Ensure that stamina, strength and flexibility are well balanced and effective. Tristhana (Breathe control, posture and looking place) is the key to meditation. Following the well guided path on exploring the wisdom and intelligence of this Ancient Tradition we delve into the depths of personal transformation.
We are happy to welcome Natasa, an 18 years experienced Yoga Teacher in Athens and Yoga for The People Shala.

General Content
•    Principles of Asana Practice
•    Approach and building of own practice (asana, variations)
•    Pranayama